About Diversity Media

Diversity Media connects worlds with the aim of contributing to diverse and inclusive media, organizations and education. We believe in the power of a divers and inclusive society where differences are embraced and similarities strengthened.

In our diverse society a growing amount of organizations wants to become more divers and inclusive. They realize this is necessary if they want to remain innovative and creative and stay in touch with society. But how do you make this desire to become diverse and inclusive a reality?

Owner of Diversity Media, Zoë Papaikonomou, has been researching diversity and inclusion for over ten years. Together with organizational anthropologist Annebregt Dijkman she wrote ‘Got an angry Muslim for me?' (Amsterdam University Press 2018) about the role of editorial culture in the lack of diversity in media. This constructive, journalistic research resulted in a step-by-step plan for an inclusive organization. From these seven steps Zoë Papaikonomou performs quick scans aimed at the different departments of an organization with the aim of making an inclusive way of working a structural part of the organization.

In our media workshops, we use the power of media to bring people together and give them insight into each other. We use interactive workshops to train the participants in journalistic skills so they can make their own media or learn to get their message across in a more attractive way. Diversity Media focusses on media education for children and young adults. We offer them a platform to showcase their own voices by teaching them interviewing, writing, filming and photographing. 

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Zoë Papaikonomou

Founder of Diversity Media, Zoë Papaikonomou, is an experienced journalist, researcher, podcaster and media educator. Her work is focused on diversity and inclusion. Not only by researching this field, but also by challenging current structures en norms especially in mainstream media. At the moment she is producing and hosting several podcasts and writing an interview serie about discomfort for online magazine Nieuw Wij. She is also writing her second book about the world of D&I in the Netherlands together with Kauthar Bouchallikht. In 2018 she published her first book together with Annebregt Dijkman: 'Got an angry Muslim for me?'

She has over 15 years of experience as a media professional. She started her journalism career at Amsterdam Television (AT5) after studying History and Arabic Language. At AT5 she specialized on the themes of diversity and Islam. After five years, Zoë decided to shift her career as a news reporter to become a lecturer at the Journalism department of Windesheim University in Zwolle, where she taught the subjects Interviewing and Research Journalism. Since 2016 Zoë focuses entirely on her work for Diversity Media.

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'Got an angry Muslim for me?'

What does it mean for news reporting, when all journalists look alike? Which stories do we miss as an audience?

In ‘Got an angry Muslim for me?', investigative journalist Zoë Papaikonomou and organizational anthropologist Annebregt Dijkman examine why Dutch news media still fail to become more cultural diverse, both in editorial staff and in their way of working. Together with more than 60 journalists, opinion makers and experts, the authors examine the editorial culture and journalistic mechanisms that work against diversity. They describe their experiences on the editorial floor and share their ideas on making journalism more inclusive. It is the first time that this many Dutch journalists have spoken publicly about their experiences working in news media.

- Amsterdam University Press, 2018 - 

You can read a summary of 'Got an angry Muslim for me?' on the site of the Ethical Journalism Network.